12 March 2012

How this blog works

In case you're interested in the modus operandi of this blog ...

A few words on the mechanics of the blog.  It
  • Is written in English, but with French words thrown in occasionally because the context calls for French. Normally, the French is italicized and the translation follows in parentheses.  Tu comprends ? (Got it?)
  • Uses metric measures nearly exclusively.  According to the CIA Factbook, the US is joined by Liberia and Myannmar (Burma) in not officially using the metric system ((Wikipedia).  France invented the metric system.  You wanna live here, you gotta learn it.  I'll write about adapting to metrics another time.
  • Consists of posts in no particular orders.  It depends on my mood, the tides, or maybe the phase of the moon.
  • Welcomes comments.  I see France through my prism, your view may differ.  Please, please tell us what you see.  The community that participates in this blog is welcome to take issue with you, me, and anyone else.
  • Particularly welcomes comments in French.  The blog is about living in France; the official language is French.  We Americans need to come up to speed in French and I see no reason to require a French person to express himself in a foreign language.  Vous avez quelque chose à dire au sujet de l'un des messages du blog, merci de partager vos idées. (You have something to say about one of the posts, please feel free to share it.
  • Occasionally solicits guest authors.  If you have a topic you'd like to write about, leave a comment anywhere in the blog and I'll get back to you - be sure to leave your email address.
  • Moderates comments.  Your comments, whether in English or French, are welcome.  However, be aware I read every one before publishing it.  Any that are diffamatory, racist, insulting, based on prejudice and ignorance, or violate basic Netiquette won't see the light of day.
  • Makes no efforts to help with pronunciation.  My accent is awful and I haven't found an online tool to pronounce a single word on demand.  If you know one, please let me know.
  • Doesn't show photos or videos of me or my wife.  That's not our generation.
  • Has several copy editors who try to hold down typos and other silly errors my writing is prone to.  If any get through, please let me know, so I can correct them.
  • Benefits from the counsel and feedback of my French wife.  Danièle tries valiantly to help me better understand France and the French and patiently answers my questions.  Much of my adapting to living in France has happened because of her and through her efforts.  Obviously, any errors are mine and mine alone.

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