24 April 2012

Restored Statue of Liberty, Bordeaux

Photo by Jean-Michel Selva
The Lady of Liberty moved from France to New York, yet she's still here.

An article in the local paper announcing the re-installation of the Bordeaux Statue of Liberty and recounting a bit of its agitated history.

Here are better photos of the newly restored Statue of Liberty by Jean-MIchel Silva, a Bordelais (man from Bordeaux) who's a fan of New York

And two articles at Wikipedia on the statue: first its history and then the replicas around the world, including several in France.

France values its connections to the US.  The town of Bordeaux, as part of its restoration of the square where this statues is located, decided to restore its Statue of Liberty, which had suffered over the years. 


  1. HooRay! Glad you are doing this, Harvey. Smooth Cycling (and terrific table tennis!) Dean

    1. Thanks, Dean. Health problems have slowed me down a bit, but I see you're going strong. Harvey